Gala Pot by NIMA

Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

The Gala Pot by NIMA

NIMA is a Barcelona company founded in 2018 by Núria de Arana, Ignacio Infiesta, Maria Comella and Alex Jaumandreu. They are architects, thinkers, anthropologists, and dreamers who designed Carmen: an intelligent plant pot, which is self-watered for three weeks. They did so well that they decided to release a new model and market it on a large scale. This is how Gala was born, a unique piece created and thought out down to the smallest detail.

Gala is an affordable piece for every pocket, but that meant a high initial production cost. So they decided to do a micro-patronage on Kickstarter.

We developed the script and shooting plan to shape the audiovisual campaign of their project and we shot and edited all the material in a few days so we could publish the Kickstarter on time.

In the twenty-eight days of the campaign, they raised almost € 14,000. Unfortunately, this was € 6,000 below what they needed to get the project off the ground.

It was a pleasure working with them. They are a great team. And even if the Gala didn’t go ahead, you can still order a Carmen, the first large version of the smart plant pot.

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