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In 2017, Abertis launched a program that would serve to vindicate the knowledge and expertise of its employees in its 4 main corporate areas. The intention was to create a network of knowledge that was always advancing and growing with the contributions of the Group’s employees.

From Slabonstudio we collaborated with the development of the naming and the graphic brand. There is where Connectis was born. A brand with an “is” ending, typeface, and colors that carry you to Abertis.

The four-blade symbol with rotating visuals in which each blade refers to an area of knowledge that keeps going forward, all built an infinite eye shape, as infinite as the contributions that have room in the network.

Our partBranding | Motion Graphics
MusicRoger Stark
LocationBarcelona, Spain

In 2022 the brand and impressions have not stopped providing positive values among participants. Connectis started a series of video-interview pills and asked us to make a piece to introduce each capsule. We are happy with the result and you can see it below.