Gali Christmas Cards

Motion graphics greeting video

No time? No problem!

f you need an explanatory video, to show a product, a promotion or, as in this case, make a congratulation video you can contact us and we will do it for you.

The Galí Group is a company that is constantly growing and always has short periods to make communications. That’s why every year they contact us so we make them a Christmas video card which we will later send, on their behalf, to their customers.

Every year it is set to something related to the company or to the current situation. The last one we presented recreates the finished reform of the central offices that have been under construction throughout the year.

You can check the annual version below, from newest to oldest:

Years2018 - 2021
Our partGraphic Design | Motion Graphics

Christmas Card 2021


Christmas Card 2020


Christmas Card 2019


Christmas Card 2018