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From Slabonstudio we carry out much of Cellnex Telecom‘s internal communication globally since 2018.

In such a global enterprise, when a change has to be explained or a process has to be taught, one cannot expect that with a manual dossier of instructions everyone will learn it. That’s why we developed a system so that everyone could access it quickly and easily.

In this case, the situation was that the company was making significant changes to the password management systems. When this happens it should be made known, and better if it is in the least annoying way possible. They handed us a PPT file with the manual, and we created the brand that would conceptualize the communications of this style from now on. Instead of a complex 12-page document a entertaining video of just over two minutes.

We did everything from aesthetics, naming and branding to the final animation and digital communication material of what we called HowDoI. All in duplicate in English and Spanish.

Over time we have been applying this same brand and system to many other manuals, you can see another example below


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